Single Phase Energy Meter

We designed our meter taking into account that several options are possible to link our Smart Meter to theSmart Network, so it is designed in such a flexible way that virtually any interface could be used.

Our Product Range includes the following:
  • – Electromechanical & Standard Meters
  • – RFID/Smart Cards & STS Prepaid Meters
  • – Advanced Payment Meters
  • – Smart Grid Meters
Key Features
  1. Live and Neutral Measurement.
  2. No bulky CT's, removing the DC sensitivity that this sensor type suffers.
  3. Using state of art temovingy we avoid the use of CT's that suffer from PWM power supplies DC currents influence, present in everyday electronics.
  4. Live and Neutral Relay.
  5. Allows pre-payment systems as well as protection implementations.
  6. Flexible design allows several Add–Ons to be configurable upon customer request.
  7. All kind of Add-ON is needed.
  8. PLC / GPRS / RF/ Zigbee / KNX
  9. ernal Load Control.
  10. 5. LCD Backlight.
  11. Cover Open Sensors- independent and working even if meter not powered .
  12. Main Cover Open Sensor. Terminal Cover Open Sensor.
  13. Anti – Tampering Measuring Features and visible indication.
  14. Ultra Flexible TOU structure with multiple table entries.
  • Recurrent Special Days.
  • One Time Special Day.
  • Technical Features
  • Nominal Voltage: 230V (Min 170V Max 264V).
  • Nominal Current: 5A (Max 60).
  • Nominal Frequency: 50Hz (Min 46Hz).
  • Connection Type: 2 Wires.
  • Accuracy Class: Class 0.5/1/2.
  • Temperature Range: Min- 20C Max + 70C.
  • Communications: Direct Optical IEC62056-21.
Super capacitor for power failure readout. Possible to be on for 24h continuously. RTC battery (in case TOU implemented) for Meter lifetime (not less than 15years) possible Rechargeable Battery use for full Power failure meter functionality.
Communications: External PLC; External GPRS; External RS485. Load CONTROL: External Load Control UNIT.

Product List

Single Phase Energy Meter

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Digital Single Phase Meter
Digital Single Phase Meter

Digital Single Phase Prepaid Meter

Digital Single Phase Prepaid Meter
DUNS Certified