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Sheng Yeong Products Co.,Ltd. (SY) offers complete product design, technology and end-to-end, integrated manufacturing services. We provide substantial experience in performing complete or partnered product designs. We also offer technology and components for new designs, global manufacturing and logistics for products across multiple industries. SY has emerged as a producer of high-performance technology, components and products. By providing integrated components, technology and manufacturing services, customers gain the benefit of supply chain consolidation, manufacturing efficiency and lower costs. Sanmina is acknowledged as a technology leader and, in many cases, as the innovator driving technology in several key areas such as optical, RF and microelectronics, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and backplanes.

Performance and quality that translate to cost savings.

We offer high-technology solutions that increase the performance and quality of a customer’s product. Consolidating these activities into one supplier not only reduces the supply base, but also reduces working capital in a number of ways — a key advantage to partnering with an integrated manufacturing services provider like our SY Company.

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